This Mom’s Bath Time Hacks Are Simply Brilliant!

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Bath time can be a stressful time when you are trying to bathe one…or even two youngsters. Safety is always the most important factor. Some kids love bath time, others, not so much. They are up, down and all around inside and outside of the tub and accidents can easily happen.

Thanks to WhatsUpMoms we have a list of hacks that will make bath time a little more fun, efficient and safe!

  1. Use non-slip decals to make the tub safer, and create zones for each kid in order to keep the peace.
  2. Spray foaming shaving cream into a bowl, grab some brushes and let kids paint all over the bath.
  3. Limit soap by twisting rubber bands around the pump nozzle. When pushing down, it delivers only a small amount of soap.
  4. Secure little ones in a laundry basket to make it easier for them to sit, and keep their toys in reach.
  5. Use a pool noodle to cover metal shower tracks to help kids safe in the bath, and you feel comfortable leaning against it.
  6. Hot glue the hole in squirt or squeak toys to prevent mold.
  7. Freeze toys in ice cubes, & toss them into the bath. Your kids will love watching them melt!
  8. If you share a tub with your kids, & lose your razor cover, use a binder clip to protect it.
  9. Wet dryer sheet gets rid of tough soap scum and handprints from the shower door.
  10. When it comes to bath toys, think outside the box! Poke holes in a plastic water bottle, try stackable plastic cups for imaginary baking, or use a kitchen colander to make it rain.
  11. Use a hanging tiered fruit basket to organize toys getting in the way.
  12. To avoid getting eyes wet or soapy, use a sports water bottle. Manage tangles by conditioning and combing long hair under weather.


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