The Angriest X-Factor Contestant Ever! Just Wait Until The End Of Her Audition!

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I can’t believe I have not scene this clip before!

In a 2012 taping of the X-Factor, self-proclaimed singer Zoe Alexander auditioned in front of a massive, live audience. When Zoe first came out on stage, it was clear she resembled the singer ‘Pink’, in her look and attitude.

Her first song, was in fact a song written and performed by ‘Pink’. Halfway through the performance, the judges stopped the music and offered Zoe the chance to sing another song, as herself…not imitating Pink. One of the judges stated that her performance was like watching a Pink tribute concert.

Zoe said she would sing another song and ‘be herself’ and that is exactly what she did. However, her second performance was worse than the first and it was short as well.

The four judges handed all conveyed a harsh reality to Zoe, that she just wasn’t that talented in the singing department. Once the four judges handed let Zoe know that it was a ‘no’ from them and she wouldn’t be moving on in the competition…shit got real and shit went down…big time!

Check it out below!


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