10-Year-Old Singer Angelica Hale Stuns America’s Got Talent Audience With Incredible Vocal Performance

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Angelica Hale America's Got Talent Finals Symphony

The young powerhouse vocalist covered “Symphony” by the Clean Bandits in the America’s Got Talent finals opening act.

Angelica Hale is one of the most talented singers to ever grace the America’s Got Talent stage and time and time again she has wowed the AGT audience and judges. Last night, was no exception.

As the show’s opening act, Hale took to the stage with confidence, passion and she brought a vocal performance that one could only expect from a seasoned singing veteran.

If we had to make an assumption as to who the top two finalists will be this year, Hale is definitely one of them and the other…well…ventriloquist Darci Lynne.

Check out Hale’s brilliant performance below!