Awesome Woman Shuts Down Man Who Thinks She Doesn’t Know Baseball With One Epic Text

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girl shutdown

New York resident and baseball fan Megan Brown was doing what many single folk in the city do — swiping right and left on potential mates on her smartphone. She thought she had connected with one gentleman, so she traded phone numbers with him.

“This guy was someone I met off of a dating app,” Brown told Uproxx. “We had started texting and he asked me that question. It seemed pretty condescending plus it was something SO basic it was kind of insulting.”

What was the question? He decided that no woman on Earth could possibly know baseball as well as a man (because he lives in the 1950s, presumably), so he quizzed her on something pretty simple, asking which teams comprised the NL East, one of Major League Baseball’s six divisions.

As to how Brown responded, she took it all in stride and shut that dude down in a humorous way. “I love baseball and I love puns, so at the very least I knew I would make myself laugh. He STILL hasn’t responded,” Brown said.

Read the full exchange between Brown and her not-so-suave gentleman below. ⚾️

baseball tweet

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