Womans Owns Guy Who Belittled Her When She Said She Worked For NASA

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Even the most brilliant of minds and NASA employees struggle finding love and must attempt online dating.

This is exactly the case for Dr. Lauren Mc Keown — a planetary scientist studying Martian meteorites and Mars polar processes for NASA.

Even though we are living in 2019, a time in history where men and women ‘should’ be treated as equals (because they ARE), we still find idiotic assholes out there that live in their tiny old bubbles and have misogynistic views of past generations. Dr. Mc Keown found this out first hand.

On Lauren’s online dating profile, she writes that the dorkiest thing about her is that she works for NASA. (Dorky — I think not).

One would think that working for NASA would make for a super cool and super easy conversation starter — that is true, as long as meet someone super cool and not a super douche like the guy Lauren interacted with.

“So what are you, like the receptionist?” the guys asked her. First off, there is nothing wrong with being a receptionist…as Pam from The Office clearly showed the world. Did this guy truly think he could get away with such a disrespectful comment?

Clearly the dude felt that a woman couldn’t work for NASA. He then followed up with “Jk you look reasonably smart”. As if that was going to make everything alright.

Pretty sure that bomb drop followed by a wave emoji sealed the deal! Talk about a badass response!

Lauren posted those two screenshots to Twitter along with the caption, “And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am single.”

Clearly this isn’t just an isolated incident as the Twitter comments proved. Twitter users responded.

“When I started working at a new NASA facility,” Megan wrote, “someone assumed I needed directions and I was pointed in the direction of the gift shop…” So infuriating. 


“Ugh,” Keri wrote. “Once I had a guy break up with me after I gave him a tour of where I was working on a Mars mission because he said he thought I was lying about working for NASA and he has to be the smarter one in the relationship. Wtf.” WTF indeed?! How insecure do you have to be as a man to actually break up with someone because they work at NASA?! 



Moral of the story…don’t be a dink and judge others — because they are most certainly always smarter than you!