VIDEO | Girl Throws Food At Caged Baboon. Baboon Throws Poop Back In Her Face.

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First off, baboons don’t want to be locked up in a damn cage all day. Second of all, baboons don’t want kids taunting them and tossing their food scraps into their cage either. At least that is what I can gather by the video footage below.

While a couple of seemingly nice girls were checking out a baboon in its luxurious cage, one girl tossed a little grub to the primate. The baboon clearly got pissed off and in a blink of an eye, tossed a healthy helping of shit right at the little girls face, while more┬áthan likely reciting the famous line from ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘how do you like them apples?’.

The guy filming doesn’t know what to do, laugh, cry or throw up. Which only makes this video that much better!