Ridiculous Video Teaches You How To Correctly Poop On A Date

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Think about the following situation: you’re on an amazing date, everything is going perfectly, and you have been invited you back to their place.

You just settled in on the couch and you’re looking forward to watching a movie and possibly making a smooth move, when all of a sudden you’re struck with the urge to take a big poop.

You think, “This cannot be happening,” but it is indeed happening and your stomach is erupting. You excuse yourself and make your way to their bathroom, but you know what’s about to happen is not going to be pretty. In addition to trying to mask the noise you’re about to make, you also need to try to cover up that not-so-pleasant smell.

You have a few less-than-ideal options for how to proceed: light a match to burn the methane in the air, spray the perfume that’s sitting in the bathroom, or use poo-pourri.