Website Allows You To Send A Piece Of Animal S**t To Anyone, Anywhere, Anonymously

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Well if this isn’t the most genius website ever created. 

The website is called and it will ship a piece of shit, to anyone, anywhere…all anonymously. Sounds like a prank video is in order! 

I mean, lets think about this business model for a second. This is a model that should have started in the Shark Tank…it’s that good. Very little overhead…and you always have product to ship. 

Before you start saying, ‘eeeewwww gross’…or ‘this is such a ridiculous idea’. Just take a moment and realize that you know there is at least…at the very least…one person that you would love to send a huge piece of elephant dung to! 

The only downfall with this service…you can’t be there to watch the recipient open the package. 🙁 

However…just picture that person…that person which you can’t stand. Picture them getting a mysterious package in the mail…having zero clue where it came from…opening it…and then BOOM! It is literally a shit storm. I’m smiling just thinking about the people whom I will be sending a package to! 

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