Christina Perri Sings ‘A Thousand Years’ For A 5th Grade Chorus & Something Magical Happens

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Christina Perri was in Staten Island, New York where she performed her hit song ‘A Thousand Years’ in front of the PS22 Chorus. The PS22 chorus is made up of a large group of 5th graders who have a passion for music and singing.

As Perri started singing the chorus, so did the entire chorus. You see Perri instantly becomes emotional, as will you when you watch it happen. Sometimes something so small, can do so much.

The performance only gets better as the song progresses and after the performance, Perri took time to have a little fun with the kids and answer any questions they had for her.

There was never a doubt that Perri is uber talented, but hearing her incredible range in a setting like this really shows off her natural talent.

The heart and soul that these kids sing with is so wonderful to see. You can tell that they are putting all they have into each lyric. If this video doesn’t go viral…we will be very, very surprised!



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