Take The Poll: Would You Choose A Man Or Woman Over Your Own Child?

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This is a question that hits home to me personally and one that I have wanted to ask people for a very long time.

In this day in age things are very different in regards to family, raising kids and taking responsibility for your child or children.

While I will not divulge into the personal details of my life for fear that I would bore you, I will say this. As a father, to a beautiful young, 8-year-old girl, I am a full time, all the time Dad. I have always provided unconditional love, monetary means, affection and non stop safety for my daughter. The sad reality of the world today is divorce is on the rise, the family unit as we once knew it is gone and a lot of parents are failing at their duties and responsibilities of being a parent.

With that said, my daughter has a mother (a term I use very loosely), who has never truly been there for her. A woman who did more harm then good and continues to do so, even while out of the picture. A choice was made, one that baffles my mind on a daily basis. A woman who was told by many, to rid herself of a man that was causing her to lose touch with her own little girl. Friends, family, courts, guardians, all advised her that her choice to stay with a man that caused harm to her child needs to go. She chose the man, walking away and giving up her duties as a mother and missing out on knowing one of the most incredible souls I have ever met.


So curiosity takes over as I can’t fathom ever choosing anyone or anything over my own child.

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