Couple Finally Cuts Off Their ‘Rock & Roll’ Hair After 30 Years

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Tim and Wendy looked as if they had walked off the set of a Ratt music video. They hadn’t changed their hair-metal hairstyles in more than a decade, and their fashion sense hadn’t changed much either.

The couples friends hated their hair and would tell them often that their hairstyles made them look ten years older than they really were.

So, Tim and Wendy were perfect candidates for Oprah Winfrey’s makeover show on her OWN network. The transformation was both shocking and much needed!

Tim and Wendy were kept apart during their makeovers and when the two finally saw one another, it was like they had just met for the first time and fell in love all over again. Tim gasped when he saw Wendy and even asked her if she would marry him!



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