Tips On How To Make Instagram Posts With A Graphic Online Editor

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Instagram is a successful social network. The Facebook-acquired photo-sharing platform is one of the greatest options for personal branding. The benefit is that you may exchange images on a daily basis. What’s more, they’re visible to anybody. It’s an excellent tool for networking and self-promotion. If you want to share the results, the Instagram post maker by VistaCreate offers free online photo editing tools similar to Instagram and Facebook. With it, you can easily create amazing design templates. So, in the article below, we will explain to you how to edit Instagram images with an online photo editor and save them in the best way.

Instagram Tips: How to Edit Images?

If you want to save Instagram images to your computer, you can do it in one of the following ways.

Save Images to Your Phone

Instagram doesn’t support photo editing tools for mobile devices, but you can save the images you want and open them later. All you have to do is to upload them to your phone, and then you can save them as you want. You can do it using the app Photos by Instagram.

You can also use other apps but we recommend Instagram. Here is how it works:

  • Go to the Photos app of your phone;
  • Go to the “Upload” option;
  • Choose the photo or photos that you want to save;
  • Then tap “Share”.

Once you do that, the images will appear on your phone screen.

Save Photos Online with Free Photo-Editing Apps

Instagram doesn’t support the photo editing tools of mobile devices, but if you don’t want to use your smartphone to edit images, you can use free photo-editing apps for desktop users. You can use free online apps or paid ones.

Edit Images with the Free Online Graphic Editor

An online graphic editor is a simple photo-editing tool for PC users that allows you to edit images in a variety of ways. For example, you can create posters, banners, infographics, flyers, print designs, and presentations. It’s completely free for personal use and only costs several dollars per month if you decide to go for the paid option.

Why is it the best tool? It offers free online editing tools, and you don’t have to have any experience. The editing options are a lot more than you can expect from a tool such as Photoshop, which is the most advanced photo editing software on the market. For example, you can choose the most suitable background, the best text, and the proper font. You can use any image, so you can upload your own.

With an online graphic editor, you can create images of your own, or you can use templates that you can edit. You have a wide variety of options: templates, images, designs, fonts, colors, frames, and backgrounds. You can edit images according to any type of format: .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf, .swf, and even .zip.

You can also use filters and overlays that simulate Instagram’s filters such as blur, sepia, black & white, pop, and focus. For this, you have to use the filters option and not the ones that are present in the editing options.

How to Choose a Good Online Graphic Editor for Making Instagram Posts?

When choosing an online graphic editor, you first need to know what you are looking for in this piece of software. Are you looking for a graphic editor for mobile devices? A graphic editor for desktops? Perhaps, you are a beginner, so you are looking for an easy-to-use graphic editor, which is simple and fast to use. Perhaps, you are a pro, looking for the perfect graphic editor for making beautiful professional Instagram graphics.

Whatever your requirements are, you should keep the following factors in mind while selecting an online graphic editor:

  • Free;
  • Easy to use;
  • Powerful and fast;
  • Flawless visual design;
  • Friendly and smooth user interface;
  • Support for mobile and desktop devices;
  • Easy access to hundreds of ready-made templates.

You can choose the best online graphic editor by trying them one by one to see if you like what they have to offer.