The Best Christmas Ad Of 2015 | Dogs & Cats Get Ready For Christmas As Santa’s Elves

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If you celebrate Christmas, you’re more than familiar with how Santa’s workshop operates. The elves work hard making toys all year long, while Santa oversees the entire operation.

In this adorably festive video by Freshpet, dogs and cats act as Santa’s elves and prepare for the big night by making toys! This is by far one of the best and most entertaining Christmas ads of the 2015 holiday season!

The video is very well done and features dogs and cats with ‘human’ arms and hands creating their movements. It’s funny, clever, cute and super festive!

Make sure to watch it until the end because it only gets better and better!

This isn’t the first time FreshPet has made a hit commercial! The Christmas ad they created last year went viral and can be seen below as well!

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2015 Commercial


2014 Commercial 


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