10 Essential Car Maintenance Tips For Beginners

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You should keep up with routine maintenance on your car if you want to get the most out of it. Fortunately, even beginners can do basic maintenance on their vehicles. Here are ten essential car maintenance tips that anyone can follow.

Hire a good mechanic.

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The first step to keeping your car in good shape is finding a mechanic. A good mechanic will give you great service for the best price. Shop around for a mechanic with good reviews who you can go to whenever you need maintenance done on your car. You should keep a tool kit with you for emergencies.

Drive safely.


Things like accelerating too quickly, driving over curbs, and breaking fast will hurt your car over time. Adhering to road signs and driving the speed limit are simple ways to drive safely and avoid damage.

Make sure you prepare for any future car accidents by getting car insurance coverage. You can get car insurance on a mobile app or by using an auto insurer’s website. State Farm, Progressive Advantage Agency, and Liberty Mutual are well-known car insurance companies that you can get a car insurance quote through.

You can also search for car insurance with iSelect to find the best result in your zip code. Third-party insurers may offer better rates compared to more prominent companies. Insurance coverage will allow you to have financial security in case of any bodily injury or medical expenses you may get from an accident.

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Have the manual on hand.

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If you have any questions about your vehicle or the best way to maintain it, refer to your owner’s manual. Keeping your manual in an easy to reach spot like the glove compartment will allow you to access it quickly any time you need it.

Pay attention to your dashboard.

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Most car dashboards will alert you when anything is out of order by lighting up or flashing different symbols, making it easier to know when you need maintenance. If you don’t know what a symbol means, you can look it up in your car’s owner’s manual.

Check your tires.

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The good thing is that many cars have functions that let you know when something is wrong with your tires. Check your tire pressure and tire tread often to ensure you’re driving safely. You should also get your tires rotated every 5,000-7,000 miles to prevent them from getting worn down.

Check your fluid levels.

Your vehicle has different fluids that it needs to run correctly, including coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. You can learn to check the levels and refill the fluids yourself by reading your owner’s manual, or you can ask your mechanic how to do it. Make sure you also change your oil as often as is recommended for your car to keep it running smoothly.

Test your lights.

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Working headlights, fog lights, and directional lights are necessary for high visibility in dark areas or haze. You risk getting into an accident if your bulbs aren’t working correctly, so make sure to check them often. To save money, you can invest in a headlight restoration kit and fix your vehicle’s headlights yourself.

Inspect the outside.


You should walk around your car at least once a week and check it for any damage, and also make sure everything is working correctly on the exterior. The more often you inspect your vehicle, the more likely you’ll be to find anything wrong with it soon after it happens.

Listen up.

If you notice a sound you’ve never heard before while driving, it may be an indication that something’s wrong with your car. Call your mechanic as soon as you hear an odd noise to avoid a higher risk of extensive damage.

Keep it clean and covered.

Clean your car’s interior and exterior often to keep it in good shape. Invest in a cleaning kit so you can do it from home easily. To protect your car when you’re not driving, consider getting a car cover.

Though some may find it intimidating to perform car maintenance, the most important things are to pay attention to your vehicle, find an insurance company that works for you, and get problems addressed quickly.