Little Girl Born With 11 Heart Defects Surprises Doctors Just By Surviving

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One of the biggest joys of a couple is the day they find out that they are going to become parents for the very first time. The anticipation of bringing a new life into the world is unlike anything else, and the happiness that these tiny little beings bring along with them is immense. Chantelle and Samuel Marshall couldn’t wait to bring their brand new bundle of joy, Sophia, home with them as soon as they became a family of three. But reality would rear its ugly head and these two overjoyed parents were soon going to find out that not everything was coming up roses. The Marshalls were going to beat unbelievable odds when doctors would discover that Sophia had 11 heart defects and a very slim chance of survival.
But incredibly, not only did she defy the odds, she proved that sometimes love, courage, hope and perseverance are even more crucial for survival than medical treatment alone.