Finally, A Mattress That Allows You To Cuddle Your Partner Without Your Arm Falling Asleep!

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It could cure the Holy Grail of problems all snuggling cohabiting couples face.

With its genius construction, the ‘Cuddle Mattress promises to allow night cuddling without risking a dreaded dead arm.

It comprises a single foam block central portion for the body, and ten slats at the top and ten at the bottom, allowing for arms and feet to dip in.


The three-inch wide slats part easily from one another, leaving room to slide an arm beneath a partner and leave it there.

The Cuddle Mattress could strengthen relationships, says its designer, by letting partners remain cuddled together.


Because their body is supported by the slats on each side of the encircling arm, it should not get squashed.

The mattress designer says a similar arrangement at the foot of the bed means anyone who is able to tear themselves away from their partner for the night can sleep face-down with their toes pointing down into the mattress and snug between the slats.


The man behind the mattress is award-winning designer Mehdi Mojtabavi.

He says that although it is a very technical design, it also has a power for emotional – and psychological – good. Mr Mojtabavi, an Iranian, writes: ‘Embracing is a magical human behaviour, and one that distinguishes us from other animals.

‘A loving embrace, especially between partners, is one of the most calming actions. Embracing, and bodily proximity and connection after love-making, are very important for strengthening relationships,’ Mr Mojtabavi claims.

‘However, what usually stops this pleasant state is not mental tiredness, it is physical weakness.’


The mattress is available for sale online only and has a 90-day return shipping policy. 



A queen sized memory gel mattress will run you $1749.99. The companies website states that due to high demand, your mattress should arrive within one month of ordering!

You can buy one here!

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