Nurse Works 13-Hour Shift Stops Car To Record This Viral Message

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Rebecca Turley no doubt was beat after her typical 13-hour shift where she works as a nurse caring for families. Nevertheless, she took the time out to share something with everyone. It was yet another time in her job where she witnessed someone’s last moment. She takes the time to share this important message.

“Life is so short. When you work with people at the end of their life every day, you kind of become immune to it, but there’s always a few patients that really, really get you.”

It was the man she just worked with who was indeed, one of those people.


It was “a magical moment” according to Turley. Whether it is moments like these or other moments where patients know they have only weeks left upon entering the hospice, Turley wonders if there is something the person would have done differently or wanted to change if they could. This spawned on some heavy thoughts that everyone can benefit listening to.

“Life is short” and putting this in perspective with jobs, relationships and getting caught up with the little things in life, while pushing to live to the fullest, are all central points of her important message. Check out this must-hear message and share it with friends and family!

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