Man And Woman Fight Over Lost Dog. Judge Judy Lets The Dog Decide Who The Real Owner Is!

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Judge Judy doesn’t mess around! She literally let a dog loose in the courtroom to decide who the REAL owner of the pup is. 

The plaintiffs beloved dog, Baby Boy, ran away from home one sad day and was nowhere to be found. Unbeknownst to her, a local woman, the defendant, bought the same dog for $50 in front of a local mall for her mother.

While in court, the defendant claims that the dog is not the plaintiff’s and that she has paperwork from her vet claiming the dog is a mixed breed and five years old. The plaintiff’s dog was not a mixed breed and was not five years old, however, Judge Judy could have cared less about the vet paperwork.

Judge Judy asked the plaintiff’s friend to go out in the hallway and retrieve the dog. Once the dog was carried into the courtroom and laid eyes on the plaintiff’s…it was nearly all over.

Judge Judy ordered the dog be placed on the ground and once that happened, the pup ran straight over to the plaintiff’s in a fit of excitement!

Judge Judy lost dog

Judge Judy simply looked at the Plaintiff’s and said ‘We are finished, take the dog home’.