Out Of Control Toilet Paper Shoppers Are Creating In Store Stampedes And It’s Absolutely Crazy!

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As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe and more and more people become infected, panic is also spreading among the people. Every day, news outlets are reporting the closing of college campuses, The NBA announced the suspension of the rest of their regular season and even actor Tom Hanks and his wife were not immune to the virus, stating they both have tested positive for it.

The mass panic has people hoarding hand sanitizer, cleaning products and oddly enough — toilet paper.

Videos are beginning to surface showing shoppers around the world, from Australia to America, causing grocery store stampedes in order to gather up as much toilet paper as possible! And it’s absolutely crazy!

Take this video out of Australia which shows a mass amount of shoppers flooding the toilet paper aisle in the land down under. The craziness has caused many stores to implement a one pack per person rule.

Even Canada is seeing people flooding the aisles for TP! This video comes out of Langley, British Columbia at their local Costco. Employee’s open the doors to the store and people begin racing with their carts towards the toilet paper display!

People are even getting in physical altercations over toilet paper! 

Famed Youtuber Ozzy Man Reviews does a hilarious play by play of the above video!

I think it is safe to say that if you are out and about buying toilet paper or end of the world supplies, be careful. Or, you could just be super kind and look out for your fellow human, who might also be panicking a little bit too! Don’t be selfish, don’t be crazy and just wash your hands!