If You Want To Date A Duggar, You Must Fill Out A 50-Page Questionnaire First

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If you thought dating a Duggar was going to be easy, think again.

The Duggar family was made famous after their TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, gave everyone a glimpse into their…old-fashioned? and religious lifestyle. Girls only wear skirts, everyone is home schooled, limited electronics use. You know, the usual. The show was abruptly cancelled after it was revealed that oldest son Josh Duggar molested at least two of his sisters and paid for prostitutes.

In a new episode of their web series, Counting On, it was revealed that dad Jim-Bob Duggar requires all potential boyfriends to fill out a 50 page questionnaire before anything can happen. That’s right…50 PAGES…not 50 questions…PAGES! Whoa!

There are already strict courting rules for the girls, which basically doesn’t let ANYTHING happen ’til marriage. No hand-holding, no unsupervised phone conversations, no front hugs (only side-hugs), etc. But to even get to that point, potential suitors are put through the ringer.

These two clearly passed the test!


The reveal was a bit of an accident, honestly. It seemed to just slip out of everyone’s mouth. But after it came out there was no turning back. Jim Bob casually mentioned the document during an after-show interview. The producer instantly interrupted the daddy Duggar to have him clarify.

“I’m sorry, wait a second Jim Bob made you guys fill out questionnaires?” he asked.

It was confirmed by his daughters Jill and Jessa that the document does, indeed, exist. Jill even let everyone know that the document used to be 30 pages long, but was recently expanded to 50. The questionnaire focuses mainly on the potential suitor’s religious beliefs and how they pertain to their lifestyle.

I am a father of three girls and when they get old enough to date aka ‘court’, I think I will implement a similar questionnaire…plus a thorough check of all social media accounts!


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