Secrets Your Divorce Lawyer Will Not Bother Telling You

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Sadly, the divorce rate in the United States is almost 50% and most are messy.  Divorce proceedings can be stressful and bring out the worst in people who vowed to love each other. While it can bail you out of an unhappy marriage, it can also send you to the poor house, especially if your lawyer is not that good or keeps secrets from you which can help you save money.
Divorce lawyers usually get paid by the hour, so the longer the proceedings, the more they make. They will not really care if you win or lose for as long as you can pay their fees, though winning cases ups their bragging rights and reputation. Some lawyers will give you a fixed price for their services, but know that this is just gimmickry done by mediocre lawyers who just want to get your account but will not really fight for you the way a good lawyer would. It is best to know things that your lawyer would not normally tell you.
Here are 30 secrets your lawyer may not share with you: