23 Secrets About Fast Food Commercials That Are Kept From The Public

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A lot of us know that the food always looks better in the ads and commercials than it actually is when you buy them. For those who realize it for the first time, disappointment and shock will surely be experienced. The juicy burgers, the succulent and crispy chicken, these ads coerce and motivate us to jump in the car and get some from the store or drive-thru. But the food we buy never looks as good as what we see in the commercials. Ad agencies doing the commercials make use of a food artist or stylist, that magically make the food more appetizing and desirable. They need to make money and sell the product, that is their job. Understandably, they have to “make-up” some of the products for close shots. But, there are some secrets that most people don’t know about. Some of the food used for the photos are really not as edible as they appear to be.
Go over some secrets about food commercials that the public is not aware of: