The Average Age Of A ‘Fresh’ Supermarket Egg May Surprise You. Hint, It’s Old!

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Well folks, I hate to break it to you. Those supermarket eggs you have been buying all these years…well…they are not quite as ‘fresh’ as one would think.

In this video by the J&J Acres YouTube channel, we learn about a product code that most consumers may not be aware of.

On every carton of eggs is the “best by/sell by” date that we are all used to, but there are also some other numbers. These numbers represent the day of the 365-day year they were packed. For instance, “001” would mean packed on January 1, while “365” would mean packed on December 31.

By looking at this number, you can get an idea of roughly how old those eggs already are before you take them home.

In the video below, some of the eggs have been sitting in their cartons for over 40 days! That’s right, those ‘fresh’ eggs, really are not that fresh. In fact, they are rather old!

No laws are being broken, but the practice of calling eggs ‘Fresh’ is rather a joke and quite untrue.

The next time you are out grocery shopping, take a moment and check just how ‘fresh’ the eggs are, because now you know how to!