The Most Absurd And Silliest Emergency Call To Police This Year About Road Rage

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Source: Twitter

Police departments all over the country get all kinds of “emergency” calls which they act on, as part of their duty to “serve and protect.” Some more distressing than others, some completely bonkers.  The Lawrence Police Department in Kansas was the recipient of the latter recently, and decided to share the incident with the public via a Twitter thread.

It seems a report on “road rage in progress” sent two hapless police officers to a parking lot late at night, who encountered a couple of strangers, “Karen” and “Chad”, who refused to get out of each other’s way. Apparently Karen wanted out of the lot, while Chad wanted in. Neither of the two refused to budge, as the two vehicles were facing each other in close proximity. Actually, it would have been so easy for just one of them to back up and give way. But foolish pride or some twisted principle was definitely at play here. So Karen thought it best to call the police to resolve the issue, after 20 minutes of “playing chicken.”

Source: Twitter

The two distraught police officers, though seeing how ridiculous the situation was which  definitely was a waste of their valuable time, still tried to help by talking to the two. First with Chad who remarked “I got nowhere to go, I can just stay here all night.” Well, maybe Karen would be more considerate, but she also refused to move. She explained her unwillingness to back up due to the large size of her vehicle as she may crash it. She was driving a mini-van, emphasis on the mini.

By this time a sergeant shows up to check on the “road rage” situation. Upon seeing how silly it was, he wasted no time in leaving, realizing how idiotic the two people were. Unfortunately, the two police officers were left to deal with the two.

Source: Twitter

Again they tried pleading with Chad to move so they can stop wasting their time, but he replied “Nope, I didn’t call you guys, she did. I can sit here all night if I have to.” Again with Karen, who replied “Why won’t you just make him move, ugh the police suck.”

Source: Twitter

That was the last straw for the cops trying to resolve the issue. They replied to Karen “ First of all Karen, we don’t have the legal authority to make either one of you move, this is private property. Second of all, grow up. Third of all, we’re leaving. Have a good night.”

Source: Twitter

A day later, the tweet from the Lawrence Police Department reported that Chad and Karen have left the scene. Only God knows how long they “locked horns”, and who finally moved out of the way. The thread read “Pleased to report that at last check Chad and Karen have moved on. Not from their pettiness, just from the parking lot. Happy Friday night to everyone, except Chad and Karen.”

The police department humorously dealt with a frustrating and time-wasting situation via Twitter. But not all police are as patient and good natured. Chad and Karen appear to have been lucky it was the Lawrence Police Department they had. But they should have had the sense to not waste the police’s time.


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