In Court Papers Luc Tieman Claims He Saw His Wife Overdose And Die. Medical Examiner Says Otherwise.

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Court paperwork sheds new light on why Luc Tieman of Fairfield, Maine may have allegedly killed his wife, although his statements don’t match the Maine State Medical Examiners Findings.

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Court paperwork just released paints a not-so-nice picture of a very unhappy marriage between Luc and Valerie Tieman.

Luc Tieman made several statements to police which indicated he was involved with other women. He also admitted to police he knew about Valerie’s body, because he buried her there after she allegedly overdosed.

The affidavit goes into detail about what Luc claims happened on the night of Valerie’s death, but again, the medical examiner states otherwise. Claiming, Valerie died after she was shot twice in the head.

“Luc said Valerie had a drug addiction and he witnessed her overdose and die. Luc said he brought home heroin for Valerie and loaded a needle for her.

Luc said Valerie took the needle and injected herself with the heroin. Luc said Valerie smiled at him and then stopped breathing.

Luc stated he left her in bed until late at night and then took her outside and dug the trench and buried her.”


Luc Tieman doesn’t appear to be a very stable man, nor honest man. His Facebook rant written on Valerie’s father’s Facebook page just days before his arrest, shows a man who is angry, unstable and clearly knew exactly what happened to his wife all along. His story about the events that took place since his wife’s ‘disappearance’ has been full of holes. It would appear that even after his arrest and clear evidence of how Valerie died, he still feels the need to hide the truth.







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