Man Claims To Be The Most Armed Man In America

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A gun collector dubbed the Dragon Man boasts that he is the “most armed man in America” with more than 200 machine guns, tanks and bazookas to his name.

Mel Bernstein, who earned his nickname thanks to his flamethrower-rigged motorbike, has given a tour inside his vast private military museum known as Dragon Land.

The gun lover’s paradise in El Paso County, Colorado, boasts a firing range, paint-ball course, 80 military vehicles and a store licensed to sell automatic weapons.

With snake tattoos covering his arms, the biker doesn’t seem to care what society thinks about his mind-blowing collection which is worth more than $10 million.

“Today we’re going to explain why they call me the most armed man in America,” Bernstein said in his weapons tour video.

“I have almost 200 of them on my name. I don’t think anyone in the US has that many guns in their name.

“I have weapons so big I can’t even shoot them.”

The son of a New York chiropractor, he quit high school in the ninth grade to collect guns, build motorcycles and ride with gangs.

After serving in the army for a one-year stint between 1965 and 1966 during the Vietnam War, Bernstein opened a motorcycle-repair shop on Long Island.

He moved to Colorado with his wife, Terry Flanell, in 1982, where they opened the gun store and started building the collection.

But Bernstein was hit by tragedy in 2012 when his wife was killed at their rifle range while filming a Discovery Channel reality show.

Terry died when she was hit by two smoke bombs travelling at 150mph while being used to create a smoky atmosphere for the show about the military.

Speaking at the time, Bernstein said: “I lost my best friend”.

After the tragedy, he turned his attention back to his military museum.


The vast site contains more than 900 uniformed mannequins, 88 vehicles and 3,000 working weapons from samurai swords to bazookas.

It even boasts a room for every country that has fought a war with America from World War I to Afghanistan.

This includes a Nazi room filled with swastikas and machine guns.

“The Nazis had the fastest and best machine guns in World War II,” he claims.

His military museum has annual revenue of around $600,000.

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