The Reason Why Gun Control Is A Joke & Why More Civilians Should Carry

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The White House was quick to take yesterday’s horrific massacre at Umpqua Community College in Oregon and turn it into a political gun control example. This was an incredibly naive and ridiculous move and here is why.

Every five weeks one person in America is killed because of a shooting like the one in Umpqua. The problem with this incredible sickening statistic is in fact guns, we don’t have enough of them.

The problem is not the actual gun itself, but the person behind the trigger, they are the problem. In a situation like yesterday’s shooting, there could have more lives saved if more responsible individuals were in fact carrying a gun.

Lets take a look at the situation and use the Umpqua shooting as an example. Here we have one man, Christopher Mercer lining people up and demanding they tell him their religious status. If the answer Mercer hears is not the correct one he is looking for, you are executed. Now in the time it takes for these questions to be asked and answered, it would appear there would have been ample time for someone on campus to take matters into their own hands, providing they too had a gun. A simple shot to the head of Mercer as he is questioning these individuals would have saved lives and put a quick end to this horrific tragedy.

Our country talks about guns as though they are a bad thing. Guns helped build this country and guns help keep this country safe. Again, the person behind the trigger is the issue and threat, not the weapon.


Chris Harper Mercer, 26 (Myspace)

A criminal and murderer such as Mercer does not care about ‘gun free zones’, or having the appropriate license to carry a gun. Someone like Mercer is going to do what he wants to do without any regard to any law that is put in place. In my personal opinion, creating ‘gun free zones’ is truly doing more harm then good and causing people who are in those zones to become sitting ducks for the mentally ill, psychotic individuals such as Mercer.

I have long been baffled as to why people in this country feel as though they should not have the right to protect themselves. Individuals who support gun control and all the ridiculous laws that surround it clearly have never been put in a situation where they need to protect themselves or their loved ones from harm.

We live in a very sick and twisted world and we can not forget that nor act as though people like Mercer don’t exist. They do and shootings like the one in Umpqua will continue to happen, more and more frequently.

Gun free zones, permits and licenses are all a joke in the grand scheme of things. Criminals will have guns and use them no matter what, that is why they are called criminals. You don’t think for one moment that Mercer thought how great it was that he was going to shoot up a school in a ‘gun free zone’? There is no threat to Mercer. He was able to get his point across, take innocent lives as planned, all without anyone standing up to him or harming him until it was too late. I can’t reiterate enough that all it would have taken was one, responsible individual to be carrying a weapon on that campus yesterday and it would have been game over for Mercer before he even began.

The brother of an injured woman in the Oregon shooting says it best in this interview with CNN. He has a strong message for our President.

The leaders of our country should be helping citizens protect themselves, calling for all citizens to take action when monsters like Mercer finally come out of hiding. Gun free zone….it wasn’t gun free yesterday was it?

Where I reside, coming this January a law was passed where citizens are able to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Thank you Jesus, because if my little girl was in that school and I wasn’t there to protect her from a psychopath like Mercer, I would surely want someone there with a gun who could. Someone who doesn’t have to fear repercussions or being sued for killing a murderer.

In short, gun control is nothing more than a political agenda and a form of control. 100-years-ago everyone walked around armed. If there was a problem, it was taken care of and people were taught to protect themselves and others around them.

Our Country has turned into a society filled with more and more uneducated individuals, social media addicts and radicals. There is no way to fix this and we have to accept it, but there is a way to make scumbags like Mercer think twice about going into a school and murdering people. If that sign on the front of the school read ‘Guns Allowed and Encouraged for Protection’, there is no doubt Mercer would have thought twice about entering that school and committing the crimes he did.

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