This Is How You Can Make The Coolest DIY Cloud Light You Have Ever Seen

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What a great inexpensive, fun project to add a little flare to your lighting situation.  This would surely be a hit with the #kids too! Who doesn’t love a little #DIY project!

Here’s all you need for this awesome project: cotton batting (found at craft stores), paper lanterns, a wooden dowel, fishing wire or string, a hot glue gun, and battery-powered LED lights. Now while you can use those non-flame candles, LED’s are actually considered safer.

First you expand the paper lanterns while gluing batting to the outside. You can use whatever size lantern you want, and as you will see, the video below uses various shapes.

Next, tie the string to the wooden dowel. With screw hooks, fasten the dowel to the ceiling, making it good and secure.

Clear string is next added to the edge of the lanterns. In the shape of a cloud, tie each ball to the dowel individually.
Finally, you can pull lights through the cloud base. You can let some hang lower than others. This is optional, but you can tie a blue ribbon for a rainy effect.

This makes a perfect gift! Or it would make a great decoration for a baby shower, wedding, or just something to add to a bathroom or bedroom. It definitely gives any room a real neat touch!

Pretty freaking cool if you ask me!

Source : Youtube

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