Funny Or Die And Jimmy Kimmel Create Their Own United Airline Commercials

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What people don’t realize about the recent situation on United Airlines where one passenger was forcefully dragged off the flight for no reason…is that that passenger hit the jackpot!

Just in case you live under a rock…here is what happened. United Airlines over booked a flight to Louisville from Chicago. The airline needed to make room for four United employees to fly (for free) and they needed to give the boot to four paying customers. Three customers grunted and took an offer of some cash and a free hotel to leave the flight. One man, who was a doctor and needed to be at the hospital in the morning in Louisville, was asked to depart. He said no and refused the cash offer. He then got his ass kicked. 

So here is why this guy hit the jackpot. He was offered $800 and a free night hotel stay in exchange for his seat on the United flight. He declined and then proceeded to get his ass kicked by security. Well, that guy made one of the best decisions of his life. He refused $800 and he will likely become a mega-millionaire after his lawyer settles with United Airlines.

I would take a punch in the face all day for that opportunity! 

The world realizes that the situation was not the passengers fault and that Delta was in fact at fault. Delta won’t admit that…but we all know it. Jimmy Kimmel had an interesting montage about the situation on his late show the other night and the popular comedic website fueled by Will Farrell also put together a short clip about the situation.

Check them out below.



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