Pizza Man’s Simple Math Is Too Complex For Entire Car Dealership Staff

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A Massachusetts car dealership is discovering the power of the internet as its reputation onYelp descends into the one-star zone after posting video of staff berating the man who delivered their pizza, and stiffing him for a tip to boot.

The fine people at used car dealership F&R Auto Sales pooled money to buy a pizza from Palace Pizza, the unluckiest business in the state that day. The order came to just over $42, and the employees gave the driver, Jarrid Tansey, $50 — two twenties and two fives.

Obviously, as he had been handed $45 plus another $5, the driver assumed he had been given a generous tip. He thanked his customers and left. According to Tansey, no one asked for change.

However, all was not well at F&R. Expecting change from the 50 bucks they handed him for their $42 order, the staff was furious that they had not received the extra five dollar bill and change from the other $45 back.

Unfortunately, what may seem to most like a reasonable, $7 tip for a $42 order, was a matter of life and death to the staff at F&R. The owner of the dealership called the pizza delivery place and complained to the manager.

The driver was forced to use his own resources to return to the used car dealership and return the $7 — and the fine folks at F&R Auto Sales were ready.

In a security camera recording that was posted to YouTube under the title, “irate pizza driver” (The video has since been made private, but was preserved on Liveleak), the staff of the car dealership began by ganging up on the delivery man.

As though they expected him to somehow possess the ability to read minds, F&R employees chastised Tansey for not possessing the telepathic powers necessary to know that they wanted him to hand back the extra $5 they gave him, as well as change. By the end of the video, the mob is berating, and even threatening, the driver.

As Tansey says in the video:

It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway.

An employee replies:

Because I gave you everything that they gave me so I would get the correct change.

Tansey then asks:

So, you handed me a five dollar bill that you were going to ask for back?

“Correct,” replied the employee. “You ever gone to the supermarket and you give them a certain amount of money, so they give you back your change?”

“Not a whole extra bill,” Tansey responded.

As Tansey attempted to leave, one employee tells him, “Let’s not be mad.”

“I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here,” the driver replies.

“So listen: The manager apologized once for you. Do you want him to apologize again for you?” the employee in blue presses.

“It’s okay, you got your $7 back, so the world is right now.” Tansey says as he finally was able to make his exit.

The last straw…

As Tansey is leaving, a female worker threatens:

Out the door before I put my foot in your ass.

After the unfortunate driver gets the hell out of there, the employees continue to belittle him. One man indicates that he wants Tansey fired, even though he and his fellow car dealership employees are the ones who acted inappropriately:

Get the f*cking owner and the manager on the phone, I want that mother-f*cker done. I want him fired.

Fortunately, our hero will not be fired. Pizza Palace has elected not to discipline the driver, and some have begun raising money for Tansey. The pizza shop has elected not to punish Tansey, according to manager Adam Willoughby.

This isn’t the first time we have had problems with F&R Auto,” Willoughby explained. He says the owner of F&R and his son stopped by Pizza Palace to apologize on Wednesday.

I was the manager on that night, and today they came and spoke to me, profusely apologized. We both want to make things right between us. We don’t want any bad blood.

Naturally, the car dealership proudly posted the video online (with the intent of humiliating the poor driver), but the internet responded in a way they surely didn’t expect. F&R’s Yelp page is overrun with one-star reviews, many of which are pretty damn funny: