Magician’s Grumpy Assistant Reveals How He Performs Every Single Trick In Hilarious Fashion

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magic tricks revealed

Magician’s don’t like to have their secrets revealed. In fact, that is one of the biggest no-no’s in the magic world! One magician knows this all too well.

The main magician in the videos below, who goes by A Gan, begins with really cool tricks that we can’t seem to figure out.

However, his grumpy assistant appears to be a little fed up with him and always finds a way to reveal the secrets as A Gan performs.

We are unsure if the assistant is truly fed up with his partner, or if this is just a brilliant way to perform magic reveals. Either way, it is incredibly entertaining and shows us all how many popular magic tricks are performed!

Here are some of their best released videos!

Some of these had us stumped for a second!

What a dink.