VIDEO | Police Release Video Of Armed Bank Robber And Security Guard Shoot Out

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There is nothing awesome about this entire situation what so ever, however…there is something to be said about sharing this video. We live in a dangerous world and with that said, one should truly realize that if you are going to wave a gun around in the air and attempt to rob an establishment…there very well may be someone also armed, who is willing to use force to protect innocent lives. 

That was the case in the video below. 

The following is footage was released from the Rockford Illinois Police Department showing an armed robber meeting his demise when a alert security guard confronted and ultimately killed the perpetrator. 

There is no doubt that this security never wanted to use deadly force during his career, but the quick reaction and fast draw of the security guard very easily saved lives that day…as there is no telling what the robber had planned. 


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