5 Ways Handmade Creativity Improves Mental Health

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Art as such was born at the same time as human civilization. And, like humanity, it does not stop evolving. But it turns out that our need for creative expression has a direct connection with our health.

Indeed, recent scientific studies have proved that the desire to create is not just a whim, but has a surprisingly positive effect on health, both moral and physical. Let’s see how handmade creativity affects our mental health, and why it is worth devoting time to creative activity, even without having supernatural talents.

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Creativity as the Best Way to Diagnose Mental Illness

And, at the same time, this is a way to prevent their development. Art therapy also helps to examine the state of physical and mental health. By drawing pain, you can analyze how it affects mood and everyday life. For more than 20 years, Gary Molloy has been living with bipolar disorder and admits that drawing helps him to feel stable: “I constantly face radical mood swings. Drawing helps to distract from this. ”


Art Reduces Stress

Source: https://www.psychologies.co.uk/

Scientists found that after 45 minutes of creative work, people from the target group significantly reduced the level of cortisol, a hormone whose high content increases anxiety and stress. A study found that creative activities can significantly reduce stress levels, regardless of artistic talent or experience. The results did not surprise researchers since this is the main idea in art therapy. Each person is creative, and this can be expressed with the help of fine art, working in a favorable environment.


Handmade Creativity Improves Neural Connections in the Brain

The benefits of art have also been noted in the field of neurosurgery. So, in the course of the research, it was noticed that while a person is involved in fine art, his neural connections are noticeably enhanced due to a complex process. This meant increased brain activity, but without concentration on the outside world.


Creativity Is a Way to Free Your Inner Energy Resource

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Any creativity is, first of all, a way of self-expression, a way to understand oneself. Creativity is sublimation, when certain forbidden desires, needs are replaced, for example, by artistic, literary and other images in order to reduce mental stress. The language of creativity is symbolic, like our dreams and fantasies, and such therapy helps a person understand and integrate the deep meaning of these symbols. In therapy with the help of creativity, the irrational side of our psyche is involved to a greater extent, which is responsible for feelings, intuition, and unconscious experience, which is also very important, because, in order to solve many difficulties in the modern world, it is necessary to turn to these resources.


This Is the Way to Speak About Something Hidden

The product of creative activity is a reflection of a person’s inner world, feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas, internal conflicts. Often a product of creativity helps bring its creator closer to the realization of what is hidden. Creativity is one way of working with very strong feelings, as well as in moments when the experience is difficult to express in words.