7 Boozy Starbucks Drinks That Baristas Love To Make After Hours!

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Reddit user Deepak_xo asked, “What Frappuccino would taste good with vodka added?” And baristas wrote in, offering up their clever boozy Starbucks creations. Cosmopolitan.com then spoke to local Starbucks baristas who like to end their shift by making a drink that they can spike before meeting up with friends.

Here are some of the drinks baristas like to make after hours!

1. Peach Tea Lemonade with vodka.

If you’ve ever had Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, this is the Starbucks version.

2. Strawberry Açai with vodka.

The barista who drinks this said Strawberry Açai mixes well with vodka but can taste extremely sweet. So, if you’re into cranberry vodkas, this will be your jam.

3. Iced coconut milk latte with Malibu.

This will be a heavier drink, but the coconut milk is supposed to pair well with coconut rum.

4. Smoked Butter Scotch Latte with Fireball.

The Smoked Butter Scotch Latte is already the closest thing Harry Potter fans have to Butter Beer in every day life. This drink paired with any type of whisky is supposed to taste delicious. Another suggestion would be to add butterscotch schnapps.

5. Frappuccino made with classic syrup, coconut milk, mango syrup, and Malibu.

This will taste a lot like a boozy milkshake, which, why not?

6. Cool Lime Refresher blended with lemonade and vodka.

The Lime-A-Rita of boozy Starbucks drinks.

7. Strawberry Lemonade Refresher with vodka.

This will taste similar to the Strawberry Açai with vodka, only even sweeter due to the lemonade.

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