Who Is In The Wrong? | Man Cries Police Brutality On Maine State Trooper In 6-Minute Video

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In a recent 6 minute video that surfaced a 21-year-old man resisting arrest cries out for not only his mommy, but claiming police brutality.

The video is being shot my a friend or family member of the suspect and what happens throughout the the six minutes is both strange, concerning and just rather sad.

The Maine State Trooper appears to be responding to some sort of domestic dispute between the 21-year-old and his ex-girlfriend. As the Trooper is attempting to put the man in handcuffs, the suspect clearly resists arrests for an extended period of time. The Trooper however is getting criticism for his tactics in his attempt to handcuff the man.

The criticism isn’t because he physically lays his hands on the suspects, because in this instant it is clear the officer was rather gentle with the suspect and allowed him to resist for over 6 minutes.  The criticism stems from the clear lack of training the officer has in regards to arresting the suspect.

The Trooper was the only law enforcement officer at the hectic scene so clearly he was probably overwhelmed. However, this situation could have turned out a lot worse in those 6 minutes it took this Trooper to place handcuffs on the angry suspect.

After watching the video I find it hard to say this was police brutality. The officer was in all reality, rather gentle with the crazy kid as he was degrading the officer and resisting arrest.

What do you all think? Was this kid clearly out of line and out of control? Did the officer do his job accordingly?

Maine state troopers please share this.

Posted by Brady Waterman on Saturday, December 5, 2015


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