How Big Of A Problem Is Police Brutality? The Statistics In This Video Will Show You

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Youtuber OfficerJoeSnuffy created this statistical video to show Americans just how little police brutality there actually is in our country. The video used real statistics based on population, officer population, types of emergency calls and so on and so forth. When the short video is done it is quite easy to see that there are larger problems happening and that police brutality, even though it is a horrible thing…is truly very minor in the grand scheme of issues our country faces on a daily and yearly basis.

The end really opened my eyes a bit. You are 7 times more likely to get murdered by a fellow American than get hurt by a police officer. This one sentence says a lot. We have rioting and mass marches over police brutality, yet we have no problem hurting and killing one another?

There were 211 homicides reported last year in Baltimore. That is four murders every week! The same people that were causing hate and discontent over Freddy Gray in Baltimore earlier in the week seem to turn a blind eye to the fact that their friends, family and community have a much larger problem. The police are looked down upon, and although in some cases it may be fully warranted, but normal everyday citizens are killing one another. Nobody is marching in the street, lighting stores on fire, looting or rioting over that? Check out the video…let us know what you think.

Source : Youtube