Drunk At Noon | 19-Year-Old Can’t Buy Beer So She Steals A Massive Beer Truck

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beer truck

Portland, Maine | One intoxicated young woman from Maine went on quite the ride earlier today, crashing a massive Angry Orchards beer truck into an old barn right after she stole it from a local 7-11.

Reports came in around noontime that an Angry Orchard truck that had been delivering beer to the Congress street 7-11 was stolen.

I¬†would imagine that being a 19-year-old girl, intoxicated and running out of beer at high noon is one frustrating situation to be in. The poor girl can’t buy more beer due to her being underage, so clearly she had to take measures into her own hands.

I wonder what she was going to do with all that brew if she actually made it back home with her new found Angry Orchard delivery truck?

Luckily the girl did not injure anyone but herself as she was transported to the hospital with head injuries. More than likely those head injuries are just the early signs of a massive hangover.

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