This Prank Isn’t Even Right. Who Does This To Their Best Friend?

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Youtuber Sam has quite the following, mainly because his over the top pranks typically deliver shock and awe to his millions of viewers.

While shock and awe is always a great factor when pulling off a good prank, this time Sam may have gone too far.

Sam set up a fake kidnapping of himself and his best friend of five years. Sam clearly knew what was happening, but his best friend…did not. Soon after the initial kidnapping, with bags placed over their heads, Sam found himself on his knees with his hands bound behind his back and his friend bound to a chair.

The bag is eventually taken off Sam’s friends head and his forced to watch his best friend, get ‘shot’ in the head by a lone gunman. Now, clearly this is all a set up but very, very real for Sam’s bestie.

Did this prank go too far?

After the prank, Sam’s friend stated that it actually made the two closer for now he realizes just how much he cares about his buddy!



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