Wife’s Amazing Way Of Telling Her Baseball Loving Husband She’s A Match To Donate A Kidney To Him

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This is one of the best video’s and stories you will ever hear and read! 

Steve Winfree is a major baseball fan who has been battling kidney disease for 14-years! In the video below, he finds out in the coolest of ways that he is going to get the help he needs from nobody other than his wife.

The couple reside in Knoxville, Tennessee and recently, his wife found out she was a match for him and could be the one to donate a kidney.

With Steve being such a massive baseball fan, his wife decided to get him a pack of baseball cards. Included in the pack of cards, was a customer TOPPS baseball card that Steve’s wife had specially made.

At first glance, Steve thinks it’s a pretty cool card…and then he flips it over and reads the back. (Get your tissues ready for that part).

Heather says the surgery will take place at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center.