This Girl Thought Her Boyfriend Was Cheating…Well…She Was Right (Video)

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Youtuber DennisCee is known for his awesome prank videos as well as extreme social experiments. In this video, an ad was placed on Craigslist looking for people who feel as though their significant other may be cheating on them. The responses flooded in and a new video as born while a relationship ended.

The young woman in the video suspected her boyfriend of cheating on her. The two have always shared one another’s cell phone’s without worry until recently, the boyfriend started hiding his.  Text messages would come in at all hours of the night and he would hide those as well.

DenissCee’s film crew helped this young woman out by running a little surveillance on the boyfriend’s home. What they found wasn’t pleasant.

Check out the video to see what happens. Hint : The boyfriend lied about his whereabouts and the girlfriend has a spare key to the home! Ouch! You won’t believe what they found out!


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