10 Facts About Country Music Legend, Garth Brooks

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Are you a fan of Garth Brooks songs? If yes, then are you sure you know everything about your favorite musician? Well if not then continue reading this article as we are going to share 10 most interesting facts about this legend!

· Fact No. 1 – His Name:

Garth Brooks, the actual name is Troyal Raymond Brooks Jr. he was named after his father. But the singer used his middle name Garth Brooks as the stage name.

· Fact No. 2 – He Got His Voice From His Maternal Side:

Garth’s mother Colleen Carroll Brooks was a famous singer herself. She had a very successful career as a singer and musician. Garth was very close to his mother and he dedicated a very emotional song for his mother called “Mom” after her death.

· Fact No. 3 – Music Was Not His Passion As a Kid:

You would be amazed to know that Garth Brooks didn’t want to be a musician or singer as a kid. Though his mother was already a well-known singer, Garth Brooks was more of a Sports kid. Due to his remarkable athletic skills and passion, he was a member of his high school football, baseball, and track team.

· Fact No. 4 – Even Space has Heard Of His Voice:

Garth Brooks is known as the singer whose songs were played in space. In 1995 the Space shuttle mission specialist Colonel Bill McArthur took an album of garth’s Hits along with him.

· Fact No. 5 – He Met His Wife In A Most Dramatic Way:

If you are expecting a romantic story then you might be surprised how Garth Brooks met his wife. Garth worked as a bouncer at a bar during his Senior year in college. His wife Sandy Mahl, beat garth nine times when he escorted her outside the bar. The singer found her cute and adorable. Later they tied the knot in 1986.

· Fact No. 6 –  He Was Offered A Role In Saving Private Ryan:

In 2013, a lawsuit was filed against the singer. The singer was offered a second-fiddle role to Tom Hanks. Garth Brooks turned the role as he refused to work under Tom Hanks.

· Fact No. 7 – He Is A Loyal Friend!

Garth Brooks is indeed a sincere friend. He offered to donate a part of his liver to one of his friends and, Chris LeDoux. He suffered from liver cancer, and garth brooks selflessly offered to donate a piece of his liver to his friend without hesitating. Unfortunately, there was no match and the transplant couldn’t happen.

· Fact No. 8 – He is A Co-founder of a Charity:

Not only Garth brooks is a sincere friend but this man is a philanthropist. Garth brooks is a co-founder of two charities for children including  Teammates for Kids and Child Safe Zones. He co-founded these charities with athletes and celebrities to help underprivileged children with their hospital bills, athlete and education.

· Fact No. 9 – He Released 7 Diamond Certified Albums:

Garth brooks are the only musician and singer in the history of the American music industry to release 7 diamond-certified albums.

· Fact No. 10 – He Did 77 Deuts With His Wife:

The singer had 77 duets with his wife Trish woods. If you want to know more interesting facts about Garth Brooks, then Ask Me How I Know is your best option!