What Is The Circadian Rhythm? Everything You Need To Know

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The circadian rhythm is closely linked to your internal body clock and allows your body to regulate between a state of sleep and wakefulness with minimal issue. It is shaped by many internal and environmental factors, from how much you’ve exposed yourself to light in a day, to hormonal changes and levels of melatonin.

Whether it’s by finding the comfiest hybrid mattress you can to support your sleep, or simply finding sustainable habits you can adopt for a healthier approach to your rest, here’s everything you need to know about leveraging your circadian rhythm for better sleep:


How Does The Circadian Rhythm Work?

All humans have a circadian clock, one that helps regulate the timings of various biological functions in the body. The body’s exposure to light can shape, to a great extent, the amount of alertness or sleepiness you feel through the night.

When you’re trying to keep your internal clock healthy, there are a number of things you can do to help utilize your circadian rhythm to your advantage, including feeling more energy through the day and getting better quality sleep through the night.


How To Keep Your Circadian Rhythm Healthy

There are a couple of different factors involved in keeping your circadian rhythm healthy, including:

  • Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. Resting well is key to keeping your circadian rhythm feeling balanced. Finding a hybrid mattress you can get cozy on can go a long way in helping you feel both comfort and support through the night. The best hybrid mattress for you can help with restoring balance to your sleep, and help keep your circadian rhythm well-regulated and in check.
  • Get some exercise in first thing in the morning. Getting exposure to morning light is necessary for your body to produce less melatonin, which allows you to leverage your internal clock for more sustained levels of energy throughout the day.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks after midday. Having coffee after midday can seriously disrupt your sleep cycle – switch these out for a herbal tea, or something with less sugar in it, in order to get the full benefits from your internal body clock.
  • Limit your exposure to blue light. Since exposure to light can have a naturally disruptive effect on your circadian rhythm, scrolling on your phone before you wind down for the night is actually going to cause more harm than it does good.


How To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene  

One of the best ways to keep your circadian rhythm in check is by looking after your sleep hygiene. The first step to making sure you have healthy sleep hygiene is by checking that you have the best hybrid mattress for your comfort. A good hybrid mattress is going to be durable, and it will provide a good amount of comfort through the night. The best hybrid mattress companies are also going to allow you to try your new bed for a period of time, thereby ensuring you’re going to get a good night’s sleep.

Other tips for your sleep hygiene include creating a calming bedtime routine that actually leaves you looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep. This might include taking a warm shower before winding down for the night, drinking a hot cup of herbal tea, or listening to your favorite sleep podcast before winding down for the night.

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping and want to correct your circadian rhythm, or you simply want to get to know more about it, understanding how your body responds and reacts to different kinds of stimuli can help you get the rest you’re after.