20-Foot Great White Shark Circles Boat In Real Life ‘Jaws’ Moment

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Terrifying footage has emerged of a 20-foot-long great white shark circling a fishing boat with James Gibbons and his young son aboard in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Ironically, the footage was taken near the fictional town of Amity, the setting of the classic monster-shark film Jaws.

Gibbons recorded the encounter with the shark, capturing a mood that combined both fear and excitement as they witnessed the giant fish “sizing them up,” getting so close to the boat that the pair could physically reach out and touch it if they were truly stupid enough.

All through the clip, the young boy seems quite thrilled to have a giant man-eater within arm’s reach on the open water, but dad comes across as more than a little panicked: “He’s lurking around us. He’s, like, sizing us up for dinner.”

For five nail-biting minutes, the shark swims in and out of the pair’s view, building the tension to even higher levels before eventually disappearing out of sight.

This shark sighting was one of several in Cape Cod recently, with a photographer capturing a picture of another great white shark eating a seal the very same day. Two more shark sightings were made the previous Monday.


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