6 Things People In Lasting Relationships Do Each Day

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Sadly, relationships now-a-days just don’t seem to last like they used to. Sure there are some relationships that will last a lifetime, but many will fizzle and fade sooner than later. So what are some of the reasons why these long lasting relationships work? We have all read and heard many reasons as to why and a very big one is the fact the couples never take one another for granted.

Here are a few more ways that these couples show one another that they care about their other half. 🙂

1. They say what’s on their mind, but not in a mean way. They don’t hold back when it’s something important. But when they share, they speak in “I” sentences. They never accuse.

The last thing you ever want to do is speak to your partner using ‘you’ more often than ‘I’. By using the work ‘you’ in invokes blame on your partner whereas ‘I’, shows your partner that your simply speaking your thoughts and taking responsibility for those thoughts.

2. They keep doing little things for their partner. Those small acts of kindness and remembering mean so much.

  • Whether it is a simple flower on their pillow or a simple note saying ‘I love you’ taped to the bathroom mirror, these acts will surely make your partner smile!

3. They show their love. Hugging, kissing and affection happens often.

  • This may sound odd, but a daily sneak attack on your partner with your arms wrapped around them and an occasional fun-loving dry hump goes a long way! Just a little something to let your partner know that you love them dearly and that you are ready for some sweet love making at any moment!

4. They don’t blame or shame their partner. Instead, they take responsibility for times when they are not feeling their best.

  • If you are in a relationship there is no doubt going to be some tension at times and the occasional argument. As humans, we are not always in the best of moods and that is totally normal. However, with that said, taking responsibility for being in a poor mood goes a along way and will ease tensions and make tense times smooth over faster!

5. They praise a lot. Let something good be said, you can’t go wrong with that.

  • Tell your partner just how amazing they are and how proud of them you are. Let your partner know just how incredible it is that they are in your life.

6. They recognize how much the other person has grown. They don’t fear that the other person will leave them as both of them grow. They know that they can grow together, not apart.

  • Let your partner flourish. You are both individuals filled with goals and dreams. Support your partner and help them become all that they can be!

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