Scuba Diving Photographer Captures Stunningly Beautiful Underwater Photos

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Pierre Violle, a Frenchman whose love of scuba diving is matched only by his love of capturing vivid photographs, decided to blend the two and create a unique career that allowed his every day to be full of wonder.

After moving to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in 2006, he started his own business specializing in wedding photography.

These aren’t your standard, smile and try to look natural while I walk awkwardly around you kind of of pictures, they are pictures that capture the magic and the mystery of love. They are all taken underwater! How fun!


With a team of only two assistants, Violle chooses a location in one of Mexico’s beautiful cenotes, or natural caves.


Lighting, smoke, and colorful scenery all add their own flavor to the mix and the couple’s personalities are also taken into consideration, not to mention their swimming ability.


The artist even plays the couple’s favorite music and encourages everyone to indulge in a relaxing shot of tequila to calm any pre-photo nerves.


Once all of these elements are aligned, a 5-6 hour photo shoot, and the adventure of a lifetime, begins.


Costing anywhere from $1,200-$3,000, Violle’s spectacular underwater wedding photos are something truly unique.


Such an incredible, different experience! 


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