89-Year-Old Dick Van Dyke Dances Like Mary Poppins Was Yesterday

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Dick Van Dyke may be 89-years-old, but he has still got it…or is it more like never lost it? Either way, D.V.D. is 89-year-old and is still dancing with full energy and passion just like he did 50 years ago!

The band ‘The Dust Bowl Revival’ featured D.V.D. in their new music video. As you watch D.V.D dance along to the old-timey sound of The Dustbowl Revival (that’s Arlene his wife with him…she’s 46 years his junior) bear in mind that Mary Poppins was 50 years ago.


That is 50 years…a half a century from the above…to this

Source : Youtube

One can only hope to be as active, healthy and happy as Mr. Van Dyke is at the ripe old age of 89!