Looks Like We Have Been Using Post-It Notes All Wrong! Here Is The Right Way!

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Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but a vast majority of the world has been using the infamous Post-It note all wrong.

This is stuff you don’t learn in college folks, so listen up!

An improperly peeled Post-It is a weak and bent ghost of its former self. It will no doubt come falling down from wherever it was stuck, like some colorful, billowing leaf of failure. It will not do what it’s meant to do.


So, what’s the right way to free a Post-It from its stack of sticky brethren? Just turn the stack to the side, and pull along the adhesive line, instead of yanking it like you’re some sort of uncouth animal from the non-sticky side.

The outcome?


Voila! A straight, still-sticky Post-It!



And now you know!

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