Best Friends Built Their Own Tiny House Village To Retire And Grow Old Together

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In life you don’t get to choose your family, but you can most certainly choose your friends! If you choose wisely, those friends end up becoming a part of your family!

We all remember growing up with certain best friends and as life moves forward, you simply lose touch and begin to create new friendships. Some of those friendships grow and become so solid, that you don’t ever want to lose touch!

One group of friends decided that they weren’t going to ever lose touch, so they did something about it: they started their own town since growing old together and having fun was their final goal!

Four couples who’ve been friends for two decades found themselves without as much time as they’d like to hang out together, but still wanted to grow old together. So, they decided to invest in a small town close to the Llano River near Austin, Texas.

Each one of the tiny homes in the Llano Exit Strategy cost roughly $40,000. The design was created by Matt Garcia and the construction made use of space and maximized efficiency. It was also budget friendly for the couples.

Each cabin has slanted roofs, reflective walls, insulated windows and a 5,000 gallon water tank.

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