4th Grader Asks Governor Of Oregon For A Pardon After Stealing From Capitol Building

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An Oregon fourth grader named Samuel recently learned this firsthand when he committed a minor crime while on a class trip to the Capitol Building.

Little Samuel snagged a pen and– for some reason– a hazelnut while on the trip. Soon after, the little thief proved he still has a heart of gold when he wrote the following letter to the Governor, confessing his crime and begging forgiveness.

Dear Governor Brown,

My Class visited the Capitol on April 19. While we were there I took a hazelnut and pen from the Capitol Building.

These things were not mine and it was wrong for me to take them. I’m very sorry.

I hope you and the people of Oregon can forgive me.



4th Grade

PS Here is the pen I want to Return and money to replace the hazelnut.

Thankfully, Governor Brown granted Samuel pardon, saying she’s forgiven him and thanking him for his precious apology.