Bigfoot Sighting Reported In California With Picture Proof

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Bigfoot Sighting Fresno California

(Courtesy “Paranormal Central”)

Bigfoot sighting happen often, but seldom is there photo evidence and footprints to accompany the claims. According to paranormal expert Jeffrey Gonzalez, the most recent Bigfoot sighting not a coincidence or a hoax and took place near Avocado Lake in Fresno, California.

Gonzalez says a local farmer saw a family of five or six Bigfoot running on his ranch in the middle of the night.

“One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder. And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over,” says Gonzalez.

(Courtesy “Paranormal Central”)

This story grabbed Gonzalez’s attention but it did not surprise him.

Over the last five years, there have been three Bigfoot sightings, all in the same area in East Fresno County.

“I would have never guessed in a million years that you would have told me there were Bigfoot on Shields or Ashlan Avenue. Right? So, I want to know what’s going on. Is this for real?” says Gonzalez.

He says five years ago a woman called him saying her two sons had seen a Bigfoot in their orchard one afternoon.

A few years later he received a call from a man who claimed to have seen a family of five Bigfoot in his orchard across the street from his house. This just so happened to be the same orchard the prior claim was in reference too.

Gonzalez certainly finds it strange that three different people over a long period of time have contacted him with claims of not one Bigfoot sighting, but an entire family.

“What are the odds of three people, three different families, who don’t know each other, within a radius of 2 to 3 miles, come and tell me what they witness, and it matches up,” says Gonzalez.

(Courtesy “Paranormal Central”)

After one Bigfoot expedition, Gonzalez returned to his car only to find massive footprints on top of the vehicle. He had DNA texting done on the prints and the results came back stating the DNA was from some sort of Gorilla species.

Gonzalez even has a mold of what he claims to be a Bigfoot print from his orchard.

(Courtesy “Paranormal Central”)


(Courtesy “Paranormal Central”)


(Courtesy “Paranormal Central”)